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Limited Submission Announcement

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) is designed to provide institutions with demonstrated experience in training PhD candidates in the biomedical sciences an opportunity to target talented and promising underrepresented baccalaureate graduates who did not enter PhD programs but plan to pursue this degree.

The goal of the PREP is to encourage individuals from underrepresented groups who have recently obtained their baccalaureate degrees to compete for PhD degree programs in biomedically relevant sciences through extensive academic enhancements and research experience. For the purposes of this program announcement, recent baccalaureate graduates are those who have graduated from an accredited US college or university no more than 36 months prior to applying to a PREP and are not currently enrolled in a degree program. Through this program, it is anticipated that a steady supply of PhD candidates from underrepresented groups will be established. It is also the expectation and hope that some of the PREP participants will eventually become the scientists who conduct research in areas that address reducing health disparities.

Institutional PREPs must generate carefully designed, individualized student development plans (IDP) that are compatible with the students' curricular needs and experience, combined with research projects mentored by faculty preceptors who have active and well-funded research programs. The development plans must be designed within the context of a one-year apprenticeship to provide the necessary skills to prepare the students for beginning a PhD program.

The proposed research education program may complement other, ongoing research training and education occurring at the applicant institution, but the proposed educational experiences must be distinct from those research training and research education programs currently receiving federal support. The R25 is not a substitute for an institutional research training program (T32) and cannot be used to circumvent or supplement Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) mechanisms.

Because MU is limited to one application for this program, letters of intent must be submitted to the Office of Research,, no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, October 3, 2008. Letters of intent should be limited to a 3-page summary, including 1) recruitment and selection plans; 2) overview of the training program, including overall goals and specific measurable objectives; 3) assessment plans for program implementation, impact, and outcomes; 4) anticipated institutional commitment to the program; and 5) a partial list of anticipated faculty mentors.


Up to $350,000 annually with a project period of up to four years.

MU Deadline:

4:00 p.m., Friday, October 3, 2008

Sponsor Deadline:

January 22, 2009

URL for more information:

This notice is being sent to deans, directors, and chairs in behavioral, life and health science disciplines. Please forward it to faculty members who may be interested.

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