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The Fogarty International Center (FIC) invites applications from institutions in developed countries to establish research training programs that contribute to the capacity of developing country investigators and institutions to conduct human trauma and injury research relevant to the health needs of the developing country. Applications are solicited to create innovative research training programs within existing NIH- or CDC-supported scientific collaborations between developed and developing country researchers to begin to build a critical mass of scientists, health professionals, and academics with human trauma and injury expertise and a sustainable research environment at the collaborating developing country institution.

Programs should include training in one or more of the following areas: injury statistics and epidemiology, prevention, biological and behavioral sciences, clinical injury and trauma care, blood product research, rehabilitation programs or low-cost prosthetics, medical imaging such as low-cost imaging development, the use of technology to diagnose and localize injury, bioengineering methods and technology, mental health issues such as traumatic stress disorders (acute and post trauma phases), depression, suicide risk, post-trauma injury and nursing care issues and medical informatics.

Because MU is limited to one application for this program, letters of intent must be submitted to the Office of Research,, no later than 5:00 pm Friday, May 5, 2006. Letters of intent should be limited to three pages and should briefly summarize proposal activities 1) to increase the expertise of trainees in human injury-related research; 2) to increase trainee expertise in the legal, ethical and social implications of trauma and injury research; 3) to expand collaborative human trauma and injury research interactions between developed and developing country scientists, nurses, bioengineers and imaging researchers, and other health professionals; and 4) to generate data for research-based (evidence-based) decision making in injury disease clinical treatment and prevention programs.


Up to $150,000 per year in direct costs for up to five years of support.

MU Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 9, 2006 (letter of intent)
Sponsor Deadline:

July 25, 2006 (letter of intent)
August 25, 2006 (full proposal)

URL for more information:

This notice is being sent to deans, directors, and chairs in health science disciplines. Please forward it to faculty members who may be interested.

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