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NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) projects enable individuals, departments, programs, or campuses to integrate nanoscale science and engineering into their curricula. The focus is on nanoscale engineering education with relevance to devices and systems and/or on the social, economic, and ethical issues that surround nanotechnology. Integration could take the form of a new course or courses, or modification of existing courses so that a substantial portion of the course content is based on nanoscale science and engineering. Integration could include a module or modules in courses that focus on issues of environmental or social change and new developments in nanoscale science and engineering, or a new course or series of courses that include those focuses. Proposals involving any part of the undergraduate curriculum are eligible. International collaborations that advance the underlying NUE goals and strengthen US activities are encouraged. NUE emphasizes new approaches to undergraduate education through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Proposals similar to those defined by this solicitation may also be submitted to the NSF Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program managed by the Division of Undergraduate Education. The same proposal, however, cannot be simultaneously submitted to both NUE and the CCLI program.

Because MU is limited to one application for this program, letters of intent must be submitted to the Office of Research,, no later than 5:00 pm Friday, April 21, 2006. Letters of intent should be limited three pages and should briefly summarize 1) how the project builds on nanoscale and pedagogical research; 2) the expected impact of the project on the undergraduate curriculum at the participating institution(s) and, if applicable, elsewhere; 3) an estimate of the number of undergraduate students who would be impacted by the projectand the extent to which under-represented groups would be served; and 4) plans for institutionalizing the project.


Up to $200,000

MU Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 21, 2006 (letter of intent)
Sponsor Deadline:

May 16, 2006

URL for more information:

This notice is being sent to deans, directors, and chairs in physical science disciplines. Please forward it to faculty members who may be interested.

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