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Limited Submission Announcement

The National Center of Research Resources (NCRR) solicits applications from institutions/organizations to establish and further develop and implement the Informatics, Coordination and Service Center (ICSC) component of the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center (MMRRC) program. This ICSC component will replace the functions of the contract-supported mutant mouse informatics coordinating center at The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), Bar Harbor, ME. That center is expected to close August 31, 2010. The newly established ICSC is expected to provide informatics and coordinating services to the centers of the MMRRC and biomedical researchers. These services include maintenance and further development of a public website portal and Customer Service Center, to facilitate interactions with biomedical investigators, Informatics services, database activities, an archive of MMRRC documents and files, and coordination of requests to donate mouse strains to the MMRRC and order mouse strains from the MMRRC. Moreover, the ICSC will actively participate in the monthly teleconference, annual consortium meeting, and coordinate the acquisition and distribution of strains.

The successful applicant will acquire all of the existing data from the current holder of the MMRRC informatics coordinating center, replacing and restructuring it with an improved foundation that is able to effectively assume the responsibilities of the ICSC and successfully fulfill its role in the MMRRC program. As such, the successful applicant must have a demonstrated track record of running an established rodent informatics coordinating and service center that includes recognized expertise with rodent strains and knowledge of managing a national animal resource facility, including a customer service component. The current holder of the MMRRC informatics coordinating center is eligible to apply.

Because MU is limited to one application for this program, letters of intent must be submitted to the Office of Research,, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 10, 2010. Letters of intent should be limited to three pages and should include 1) goals of the center, 2) plans and activities to accomplish the center goals, 3) evaluation plans, and 4) names of three MU personnel who could serve as internal reviewers for letters of intent under this program.


Between $500,000-$650,000 direct costs for fiscal year 2011. Future year amounts will depend on annual appropriations. The total project period may not exceed five years.

Campus Deadline for Letter of Intent:

4:00 p.m., Friday, September 10, 2010

External Proposal Deadlines:

Full proposals are due October 7, 2010


URL for more information:

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