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NIH Institutional Comparative Effectiveness Research Mentored Career Development Award (KM1)

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Limited Submission Announcement

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Institutional Comparative Effectiveness Research Mentored Career Development Award (KM1) supports mentored career development in support of comparative effectiveness research (CER) in an interdisciplinary environment catering to the needs of diverse populations of scholars including (but not limited to) those with backgrounds in medicine, pediatrics, surgery, dentistry, nursing, allied health, pharmacology, health care administration and management, clinical research design, epidemiology, biostatistics, biomedical informatics, economics, quality improvement, modeling systems, ethics, behavioral science, engineering, and law.

Scholars supported through this program could include recent doctoral graduates who are entering the research workforce as well as established investigators who are seeking to extend their expertise or experience in CER in a mentored environment. Scholars should, where appropriate, be encouraged to register for higher degrees or for certificate programs. Successful applicants will be expected to include course or curriculum development work in their applications and to make provisions for expanding the pool of experienced CER mentors at their institutions. NIH anticipates that mentored career development programs will ultimately lead to significantly greater efficiency and skills among CER researchers and will attract new researchers into this field to enhance the quality of the nation’s health.

Because MU is limited to one application for this program, letters of intent must be submitted to the Office of Research,, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 12, 2010. Letters of intent should be limited to three pages and should include 1) a summary of the proposed education and curriculum; 2) plans for the recruitment, training, advancement, and retention of researchers and mentors in CER careers; 3) a preliminary list of mentors; and 4) an evaluation plan.


Up to $2,500,000. The total project period may not exceed three (3) years.

Campus Deadline for Letter of Intent:

4:00 p.m., Friday, March 5, 2010

External Proposal Deadline:

March 25, 2010


URL for more information:

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