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Posted 01.18.07


MU Researcher Honored by St. Louis Academy of Science

COLUMBIA, MO - Kattesh Katti, professor of radiology and physics at the University of Missouri-Columbia and senior research scientist at the MU Research Reactor (MURR), has been selected to receive the coveted '2007 Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Fellows Award' by the Academy of Science of St. Louis. He was selected to receive this award in part because of the international recognition he has received for his contributions to chemistry, physics, nanoscience and radiochemistry.

Kattesh Katti.The Academy's literature called it "a rare feat to be distinguished in all of these fields simultaneously" and praised Katti's discoveries in the development of gold and silver nanoparticles for applications in nanomedicine. Katti has published more than 150 publications and is the principal inventor on 14 patents.

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"Dr. Katti has achieved international recognition for his contributions to the field of nanoscience. He is truly an interdisciplinary scientist, and we are proud to have such a distinguished professor on the MU faculty," said MU Chancellor Brady Deaton.

Katti's research includes studies of metals and organomatallics in the development of cancer diagnostic and therapeutic agents, biomedical optical imaging, new approaches to cancer therapy, new biomaterials for use in surgical and non-surgical wound healing applications, and fundamental aspects of the structure of water and water-alcohol binary mixtures.

"Kattesh's excellence in research; his excellence in ensuring that the results of his research benefit the people of Missouri, the United States and the world; and his international reputation make him a tremendous person to receive this award," said Jim Coleman, MU vice chancellor for research.

Katti also has been a pioneer in initiating a nanomedicine research program and establishing the Nanoparticles Production Core Facility at MU. He provided leadership in coordinating the nanomedicine research program with a group of 12 interdisciplinary faculty from the MU School of Medicine, College of Arts and Science, College of Engineering, College of Veterinary Science and MURR. This led to the establishment of the Cancer Nanotechnology Platform with a $3.2 million grant from the National Cancer Institute.

"I strongly believe that nanomedicine has the power to detect and treat various deadly diseases in a highly effective manner compared to traditional medical modalities," Katti said. "I'm honored to receive this award. This is a great occasion for MU, for my departments and, of course, for my wife, Kavita; our children; and our parents. It is in thanks to the great leadership and inspirational support we have at MU. MU's interdisciplinary opportunities and the expertise of our faculty provides us with a unique niche and indispensable benefits as compared to other institutions."

The Academy of Science of St. Louis, which was formed in 1856, is one of the oldest academies in the country. Since its inception, the Academy has promoted the recognition of internationally renowned scientists of the region as part of its mission to promote the understanding and appreciation of science. The Academy has more than 130 Academy Fellows who are renowned scientists and engineers; many are also Fellows of the National Academies. As the recipient of the '2007 Outstanding Scientist Fellows Award,' Katti will be inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Science of St. Louis, joining a select group of world-class scientists. The award will be presented at a dinner in St. Louis on April 24.


For details about the Academy of Science, visit or call 314-533-8082.


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