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Posted 11.02.05

MU Professors Chosen to Speak at Regional NSF/CBMS Conferences

COLUMBIA, MO -- Two of four speakers selected to lecture at the 2006 National Science Foundation/Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences Regional Research Conferences will be from the MU Mathematics Department, conference organizers announced in October.

Professor Alex Koldobsky and associate professor Mark Rudelson will give ten lectures each over a five-day period this summer. Koldobsky will speak on "The Interplay between Convex Geometry and Harmonic Analysis" at Kansas State University July 29-August 2. Rudelson will lecture on "Probabilistic and Combinatorial Approach in Analysis" at Kent State University from August 6-12.

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The National Science Foundation sponsors the NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in order stimulate interest and activity in mathematical research. The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences selects speakers for the annual event after reviewing proposals submitted by scholars.

"This is the first time we've had faculty who were chosen as main speakers for an NSF-CBMS conference, and to have two of only four in one year is an exceptional occurrence," said Mark Ashbaugh, an MU professor of mathematics.

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