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Posted 08.21.05

Dr. Gerry Meininger takes over leadership of the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center

COLUMBIA, MO -- I am very, very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gerald A. Meininger as the new Director of the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center (DCRC), beginning September 1 2005. Dr. Meininger will take over for Dr. Ed Blaine who helped shape the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center into MU's exemplary interdisciplinary research center whose mode of interactions with the campus was used to design the operating model for the new Life Sciences Center. Furthermore, the DCRC has played a major role in MU's national recognition in cardiovascular research (e.g., our #1 national ranking in understanding and applying exercise physiology of large mammals) and in comparative medicine. I also want to thank Dr. Elmer Price for doing a fantastic job of keeping excellence the focus of DCRC as Interim Director over the past year.

We had a set of truly incredible applicants to take on the role of the Director for DCRC - probably the best set of finalists that I have ever seen in the myriad of searches that I have led or participated in. The Search Committee and I were particularly taken with Dr. Meininger's positive attitude, vibrant energy and enthusiasm, record of true excellence in scholarship, and vision for the future of the DCRC. Dr. Meininger expressed this vision by embracing the concept that the DCRC should be defined by its interdisciplinary atmosphere and freedom from the constraints of conventional thinking. "It is an environment that harnesses creativity and intellectual freedom to advance our knowledge of cardiovascular health and disease. It is an environment that preserves the fundamentals of our past knowledge, generates new knowledge and imparts that body of knowledge to students and postgraduate trainees for the future." Dr. Meininger's goal is to build on the collaborative strength of the DCRC through increasing ties and partnerships across the MU campus with cardiovascular and clinician scientists interested in basic and translational cardiovascular research. Plans are underway to strengthen investigative teams and encourage submission of larger scale program project oriented grants that are focused on scientific problems that bridge laboratory research with human health and well-being.

Dr. Meininger comes to MU from Texas A&M University System Health Science Center where he was a Regents Professor and Associate Head of Medical Physiology.  He was also the Director of the Division of Vascular Biology in the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Texas A&M University.  Dr. Meininger is a former graduate of MU obtaining his Ph.D. in 1981 in what was then the Department of Medical Physiology in the School of Medicine.  His current research interest is in understanding the mechanism by which cells sense and respond to the mechanical forces that exist in the cardiovascular system. Dr. Meininger has an absolutely stellar record in competing for external support for his research as he is or has been Principal Investigator or co-Principal Investigator on approximately $10,000,000 in extramurally supported research, the vast majority from NIH. Additionally, his research excellence has been recognized by the major cardiovascular research professional societies - he is a Fellow of the Cardiovascular Section of the American Physiology Society and a Fellow of both the Council of High Blood Pressure Research and the Council of Circulation of the American Heart Association.

Professor Meininger has his primary academic appointment in the Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology, School of Medicine and a secondary appointment in the Department of Biomedical Science, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Please join me in welcoming Gerry to the campus. I think he is truly an amazing addition to our interdisciplinary life science efforts.


Jim Coleman, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Missouri-Columbia
Office of Research , 205 Jesse Hall

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