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Posted 04.18.05

Wynn Volkert receives Outstanding Missourian, Faculty Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- MU professor Wynn Volkert received the Outstanding Missourian Award on April 12th from the General Assembly in Jefferson City. He was nominated by Rep. Judy Baker of Columbia. He also received the Faculty Entrepreneur of the Year award presented by the Office of the Provost.

Volkert is a professor of radiology, Director of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute and Director of the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Institute at MU’s School of Medicine. He serves as a mentor to many faculty members and students at the University, and he has created new technologies to diagnose and treat cancer.

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Throughout his 35 years as a faculty member at MU, Volkert has been active in education, research and entrepreneurial activities. He was recognized today for his innovative research in the area of radiopharmaceutical sciences at both the national and international levels. Volkert's stature as an exceptional investigator is evidenced by the fact that he leads a five-year, $10 million imaging center grant project awarded to him and his colleagues by the National Cancer Institute.

Volkert’s work has resulted in the development of radiopharmaceuticals that have impacted the lives of thousands of people. He and fellow MU researchers invented Ceretec, which was the first drug of its kind used in imaging brain blood flow in patients with neurological disorders and for imaging abscesses and infectious sites. Volkert also was lead investigator for the research project that led to the invention of Quadramet, the most widely used radiotherapeutic drug for relieving pain in bone cancer patients.

Dr. Volkert has written or co-written three Drug Master Files and seven Investigational New Drug Applications filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He holds 13 U.S. and several foreign patents.



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