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Photo of two new NAI Fellows from MU
Loboa and Stacey named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Mizzou has added two more researchers and scholars to the National Academy of Inventors Fellow’s ranks.

Pinned with honor: Trio of new AAAS Fellows from MU

Three faculty members from the University of Missouri have been named 2018 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), honored for their efforts to advance science in their related fields. These new fellows represent the university’s mission to produce and disseminate knowledge that improves the quality of lives throughout Missouri and the nation.

Buzz! Slap! Ow! Taking the virus out of a mosquito’s bite

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Are you stressed? Your eyes may provide a window into your mental workload

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Media coverage of disasters can have lasting effects on children’s mental health

In 2018, American children have been exposed to multiple disasters – ravaging wildfires in California, to major Hurricanes in Florida and the Carolinas, and mass shootings in schools and places of worship – all of which have been covered 24/7 by the media. Disaster communication experts at the University of Missouri say disaster media coverage can have lasting effects on children’s mental health and suggest teachers and parents be prepared to respond to questions during and after a catastrophe.

MU researchers: The way to determine alcohol use disorders must change

By even the broadest of definitions, psychology researchers at the University of Missouri say the current methods for diagnosing an alcohol use disorder will, surprisingly, leave many daily binge drinkers undiagnosed.

New center at Mizzou dedicated to improving body image

Poor body image impacts people of all ages and genders. Now, a new center at the University of Missouri will bring together a diverse group of researchers dedicated to improving body image.

‘Hands-on’ clinic meets community health needs; readies students for their careers

Millions of Americans live with mental illness and, due to financial reasons, go without treatment. A new type of clinic in the middle of the country — staffed and managed by University of Missouri students — is increasing access to behavioral health care.

Cell behavior, once shrouded in mystery, is revealed in new light

A cell’s behavior is as mysterious as a teenager’s mood swings. However, University of Missouri researchers are one step closer to understanding cell behavior, with the help of a specialized microscope.

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