Institutional Review Board

Information for Researchers

Below you will find information about the educational training requirements, policies, guidance, templates and more. Please contact the IRB if you have any questions about the information provided.

How to Get Started

  1. There are two IRBs, Campus and Health Sciences, at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Which IRB a project is submitted to is determined by the Principal Investigator (PI) of the study. For more detailed information regarding which IRB you should submit your project to, please view Choosing The Right IRB.
  2. Login to eCompliance and complete the registration process. Be sure to upload your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the personal document storage of eIRB. For a student PI, your advisor must have their CV uploaded.
  3. Complete the CITI Educational Training. CITI Training Instructions
    For assistance with CITI training program, please contact Christine Hueske at or 573-882-3181
  4. Complete the IRB Application. The Health Sciences and Campus IRB have more than one application. Each application has a brief description. If you have questions about which application to complete, please call the IRB office to speak with a Compliance Specialist. 573-882-3181.
  5. Upload applicable supporting documents. All supporting documents must be uploaded to the application's document storage section prior to submitting to the IRB. Some examples of supporting documents are:
    1. Protocol (expedited and full board studies)
    2. Advisor Approval Form (Campus IRB - for all projects where the PI is a student)
    3. Any relevant grant applications
    4. Recruitment materials
    5. Consent, assent and/or debriefing documents
    6. Survey instruments, questionnaires or interview questions
    7. Videos, pictures, or other stimuli that will be shown to participants
    8. HIPAA forms
    9. Letters of permission/support from other participating institutions or recruitment sites
    10. Conflict of Interest Committee Decision (where a conflict of interest exists)
    11. Accounting Services approval (for subject compensation)
    12. Drug Brochure/pamphlet
  6. Review your responsibilities as a Principal Investigator: Principal Investigator's Responsibilities