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Health Sciences Institutional Review Board 190 Galena Hall 573-882-3181

Campus Institutional Review Board

482 McReynolds 573-882-3181


IRB Staff
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Michele Kennett, JD, MSN, LLM
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
Director of Human Research Protections
Director of MU Institutional Review Board (Health Sciences & Campus)

310 Jesse Hall

Christine Hueske
Compliance Specialist
General IRB System & Guidance, IRB Telephone Support, CITI Program Website IRB Training & Guidance, HS & Campus Full Board & Expedited Continuing Review Reports, HS & Campus Annual Exempt forms, HS & Campus, Personnel Change Forms
482 McReynolds
573-882-3181 (HS)
573-882-3181       (Campus)
Health Sciences IRB
Nicole Epstein, JD
Compliance Specialist
HS Full Board and Expedited Submissions, Internal Monitoring, Research Misconduct
190 Galena

Janelle Greening, MBA, CIP
Senior Compliance Manager
eCompliance Inquiries, Education, HS Exempt and Full Board Submissions, HS & Campus Reliance Requests/External Sites Liason
190 Galena


Heidi Mitchel, BA
Compliance Specialist
HS Full Board & Expedited Submissions, HS Data Analysis Applications, HS Quality Improvement Questionaires
190 Galena
Campus IRB
Melissa Freeman
Compliance Specialist
Campus Exempt, Expedited & Full Board Submissions, Campus Data Analysis and Campus Quality Improvement Questionnaires
486 McReynolds

Last Updated: December 13, 2017