Institutional Review Board

Choosing the Right Institutional Review Board

  1. If the Principal Investigator is employed or is a student in any of the following, then the investigator should submit to the Health Sciences Institutional Review Board.

    • School of Medicine
    • University Hospitals and Clinics
    • Children's Hospital
    • Ellis Fischel Cancer Center
    • Howard A. Rusk Rehabilitation Center
    • Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital
    • School of Health Professions
    • Charles & Josie Smith Sinclair School of Nursing
    • College of Veterinary Medicine
    • Missouri Institute of Mental Health
    • Missouri Rehabilitation Center
    • Columbia Regional Hospital
    • Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  2. The subject population includes patients (either inpatients or outpatients) in any of the institutions listed above;

  3. The research is regulated by the FDA or VA;

  4. The research involves physical stress to the subjects (e.g., exercise physiology projects);

  5. The research involves any collection of human blood (above the amount qualifying for Expedited review);

  6. The research involves fetuses.

The Campus IRB reviews all other areas of campus.