Internal Funding

Internal Funding: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my proposal?

The proposals are submitted through an electronic system called eFunding. The link to it is Office of Research eFunding and you can also find a link to it on the main page called Programs Reviewed by the Research Council Committee. When you log in to eFunding at the top you will see Home, My Projects and My Account. First complete the My Account information. After you are done with the My Account section then select My Projects then Create New Project then select the program you wish to apply to (i.e. Faculty International Travel).

How do I print the cover page and uploaded documents?

As you complete the sections called Applicants, Proposal Information, Compliance, Abstract and the My Account the system begins to create a cover page for you. To print the cover page after you have completed the above sections, go to the main My Project page and find the Action column on the far right side of the screen that has a pull down menu. One of the options is “Print Cover Page”. You can select Print Cover Page at any time before or after you submit the proposal. You will find a signature line on the cover page you print out. The cover page needs to be signed, scanned and e-mailed to We can also accept cover pages with electronic signatures. As of July 1, 2013 we will no longer accept hard (paper) copies of the signed cover page.

Also, on the Action pull down menu is Documents which will take you to the documents you uploaded.

Can a staff member or student complete the proposal for me?

We have set up the system where staff members can create or edit projects for the faculty. If you wanted to have that capability, you could start a project and designate yourself as an assistant or the faculty member could add you to their project as an assistant. Those designated as assistants can view and edit the projects but their names do not appear in the print outs or the Committee view. The My Account information will still need to be edited by the faculty member or you can email the information to (please do not use the phone numbers above) and we can edit it. If you send the My Account information to us, please check the My Account section to see what is needed.

How can I delete uploaded documents?

E-mail (please do not use the phone numbers above) and let us know which documents you would like deleted.

How can I delete a proposal?

E-mail (please do not use the phone numbers above) and let us know which ID number you would like deleted.

What is Copy Form?

This feature is used when an applicant wants to electronically copy the cover page information without starting over with a new proposal. This is not to be used to print to your printer.

My date of employment is wrong. How do I fix it?

Go to the My Account section.