Research Board Submission Checklist

Before submitting your application, please review the following areas for completion. This will reduce errors which result in having your application returned for corrections.

Submit the MU Submission Data Form complete with all required signatures to

Use normal capitalization, 1" margins and 12-15 font size throughout the application.

Application Form

  • Complete all information (i.e. Div/Dept)
  • Signatures (PI, Co-PI, Chair(s), Dean(s))
  • First and last name in correct order

Summary and Support Information

A response is required for each block. Space is limited to within text box.

Proposal Summary

Be as descriptive, yet brief, as possible

Support (section 2&3)

Your role (i.e. P.I., Co-PI, Consultant/collaborator, & if not applicant, name the P.I.)

  • % of effort on project
  • Project title
  • Source
  • Direct costs requested & awarded
  • Project period
  • Pending/Awarded/Declined

Previous Research Board Applications submitted (P.I and as Co-P.I.)

Provide this information for awards within last 5 years:

  • Project title, amount of award, project period
  • List Funded (F); Not Funded (NF); Pending (P)
  • Attach copy of Award Report(s) (only if P.I. of project)
  • List additional accomplishments made since filing Award Report

Possible Reviewers

List at least three (appropriate) reviewers

  • Note: past & present collaborators and members of your primary department(s) are not appropriate
  • External reviewers (non-UM, industry) may be listed and are encouraged
  • Provide correct e-mail addresses

Detailed Budget

(Refer to guidelines for type of support not provided)

  • include name or title
  • role on project (i.e. P.I., co-P.I., post-doc, visiting scholar, GRA/GTA, technician, special assistant)
  • fringe benefits (35.37% benefit-eligible employees; 8% for part-time employees; 0% for students)
  • number of months to be spent on project
Start Date
  • should be within 6 months after Board decisions (May or December)
Budget Justification

Provide an explanation for each category

  • ALL Personnel (brief)
  • Departmental Operating Costs categories: give detailed cost breakdown for:
    • supplies (i.e. consumable items)
    • equipment (i.e. computers)
    • travel/meals/lodging (allowed ONLY to research sites)
    • other expenses (i.e. lab animals, housing or lab fees, participant costs)

Biographical Sketch

(must use RB form)

  • 2-page maximum, for each applicant
  • Can include bio for non-university consultants, but no other information should be included (unless requested by RB)


  • Number pages
  • Double-spaced
  • Brief, yet thorough for critical peer review
  • Minimum of two pages and no more than 10 pages
  • "Revised" submissions are allowed 11 pages. The first page should address responses to previous peer reviews
  • Images/graphics -- convert to .jpg file before inserting
  • Should address the following items:
    • Overall and specific objectives
    • Significance of project to research or creative activity in the specific field, including potential value
    • Background and rationale
    • Preliminary work & results
    • Project design and procedures proposed to accomplish objectives
    • Resources and environment
    • Explanation of Research Board support (i.e. external support unavailable, insufficient, etc.)
    • Plans for future support closely related to this project (i.e. how will RB support increase potential to obtain extramural funding)


  • No more than 2 pages (as it relates only to project)
  • Single-spaced
  • 12-15 size font
  • 1" margins
  • Include full titles

Last Updated: October 4, 2018