Internal Funding

Research Board Application FAQ

Who is the campus designee for the Columbia campus? 

Designee: Jessica Sowers,
Campus Official: Mark McIntosh, Vice Chancellor for Research

What is the goal of a Research Board grant?

The goal is to leverage external funds.

If awarded, how soon can I start my project?

Typically, the month after you receive notice of your award (on 1st of month)

What if I receive a “reduced” award? 

You will be required to submit a revised budget to the designee before your project can start. 

What if my project involves human subjects, vertebrate animals, or rDNA or biohazards?

If awarded, approval must be obtained from the oversight committee(s) on your campus.  Documentation of (applicable) committee approval must be sent to the campus designee—before a PS chartfield can be established

How soon after the competition am I notified of the results? 

Within 2 weeks after the Board meets. 

If I receive an award, how soon will a PS chartfield be established so the project can begin?

Depending on your proposed start date, typically a new PS chartfield will be established the month before your project is to start. 

Who administers the grant?

Once the PS chartfield is established, you (and your department) will administer the grant.

Do I need to provide my departmental fiscal person with a copy of the budget?

Definitely!  That way, expenditures will be processed according to the approved budget

If my project was not funded, how soon can I apply again? 

At the next competition, but resubmission of the same project is limited to two over a 5-year period.  However, revised applications judged to have little or no change, may not be sent out for peer review.

If awarded, how soon can an applicant apply for a new project?

Only at the next competition deadline that occurs after the lapse of one year from the official end date of the most recent award.  (Exceptions are Special Opportunity projects.)

What is the range of awards for an individual/collaborative project?

$3,000 - $75,000.

What kind of personnel can I request for salary support? 

GRA; post-doc; visiting scholar; UG assistants; technicians & special assistants, involved in performing the research or creative activity (secretarial support is not allowable).

What is the maximum summer salary for the P.I.? 

A summer stipend is allowed up to $10,000, or an amount of 2/9 of the academic year salary, and limited to only one summer during the project period.

Are regular or non-regular faculty (on an 11-month appointment) eligible for summer salary support

No, the P.I. must be on a 9-month appointment to receive summer salary.

Can non-regular faculty apply for RB funds?  

Yes, the Board will entertain applications from non-regular faculty.  Qualification to apply will be based on an eligibility application that must be approved at a regular meeting of the Board.  The non-regular faculty member judged to be eligible may apply for support at the next or subsequent competition

However, non-regular faculty may serve as co-applicants.

What is the maximum allowed for teaching replacement costs?   

The maximum rate accepted by the Board is $10,000 (including benefits) per course, per semester.  Normally, requests are for one semester.  However, more than two semesters will NOT be awarded.

Can emeritus faculty be considered for support? 

 Yes, in exceptional cases when it presents an advantage for the university. 

Will the Board provide support for book publication subvention assistance?

Yes, in certain cases.

What if I need additional time to complete my project? 

You may request, up to 12 months beyond the original end date, through your campus designee.

How do I make a request for a no-cost extension? 

Send a written request to your campus designee (30 days before the project end date), briefly explaining the reason for an extension. (see campus officials and e-mails below).

Is additional time allowed beyond the campus approved 12 month extension? 

Only in extenuating circumstances and only the Research Board can consider an additional time extension beyond the one year.   

Can I rebudget funds after my project has been started?  

Yes, most modifications in the use of funds are permitted without prior approval. However, budget modifications which exceed the amount approved by more than $1000 require prior approval from the campus designee. Rebudgeting funds designated as departmental operating funds into summer salary or teaching replacement is NOT permitted, unless summer salary was requested in the original proposal budget.

Can I finish/complete my project ahead of schedule? 

Yes, you should notify the campus designee.  

What if the full award was not spent?

Contact the campus designee, that the project is complete and any unspent funds will be returned to the Research Board.

When is the Final Award Report due, and where should it be sent?

The report is due 12 months after the official end date. 

To complete your Award Report you will need to access the Research Board Grant Application System at Once you have logged in, click on Award Report on the left side and follow the instructions.

Why is an Award Report important and what if one isn’t submitted?

The purpose of the final report is to evaluate the Research Board program. It will also be used to track publications, other relevant works and external funding from awards.  An Award Report must be submitted before a new application will be considered.