Internal Funding

Research Board

The University of Missouri research board consists of over 20 faculty members appointed by the president for two-year terms. Its mission is to enhance the long-term quality and quantity of scholarship throughout the university by supporting meritorious research projects.

The Goal is to leverage external funds by

  • supporting promising new faculty
  • funding of high quality new initiatives of senior faculty

This support is intended to:

  • help promising new faculty initiate their research
  • provide seed money to test new ideas in their preliminary stages before enough data have been gathered to submit a proposal for external funding
  • provide modest resources for excellent scholarship in fields for which external support may be quite limited
  • provide bridging funds.

The Board considers these key factors in the review of projects:

  • quality of the proposed research or creative activity
  • importance and probable impact the proposed work may have on the field
  • potential of the project to obtain future external funding
  • potential value for enhancing the stature of the university
  • project design and procedures
  • resources and environment available to carry out the project
  • value for development of the applicant's research potential and progress
  • quality, productivity, and current research funding of the applicant, and
  • budget appropriateness in terms of the project and the board's resources, including consideration of need and availability of external support.

The board has established programs for:

  • individual or collaborative projects, and
  • book publication subventions

No funds are set aside for specific programs or for specific types of proposals. Inter-departmental, inter-campus collaboration and new cross-disciplinary research initiatives are encouraged and may strengthen a proposal and serve as a positive factor in its evaluation. A commitment of partial support for a project from the campus, college or unit is not required, but it may be a positive factor in the review.

Awards are not renewable. The research board will not serve as a source of continuing support for specific projects or facilities. Awards normally are for a one-year period, but longer terms (up to a maximum of two years) are permitted if fully justified in the proposal.



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Last Updated: January 31, 2017