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Is the information or software being shared or shipped technological data* or software** on the Commerce Control List?

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* The EAR defines "technology" as:

Specific information necessary for the "development", "production", or "use" of equipment or software. Technology includes information subject to the EAR released in the form of technical assistance or technical data.

Information that is, or will be, placed in the public domain, such as that generated by fundamental research, is not subject to the EAR and is exempt from export control regulations.


** The EAR defines software code as a collection of one or more programs or microprograms fixed in any tangible medium of expression. Software code is comprised of source code or object code:

Source Code: A convenient expression of one or more processes that may be turned by a programming system into equipment executable form ("object code" or object language).

Object Code: An equipment-executable form of a convenient expression of one or more processes ("source code" or source language) that has been converted by a programming system.

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