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Note: Our Price Lists are NOT a comprehensive list of items we sell. They are only comprised of our highest volume items. Please contact the CIC if you have questions regarding items not listed.


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To Order from the CIC

Please stop by M324 MSB, fax an order form to 573-884-0665, or email to Drop shipments can only be made on Invitrogen products with a qualifying limit to the following departments; LSC, VetMed, Animal Science, Biological Science, and DCRC.

*Drop shipments will only be placed if the address is provided and products purchased qualify for drop shipment unless otherwise specified. 

Most of our items are discounted below the catalog price! But, purchase through the CIC and also save on:

  • Shipping and Handling
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Dry Ice Fees
  • Hazardous Fees

Special Orders accepted from any CIC vendor. Expect the following discounts off list price from special orders placed through the CIC:

  • ThermoFisher: 1-33% off certain tissue culture media and more.
  • BioRad: 5% discount on all orders (Excludes large equipment).
  • Sigma-Aldrich: 1-30% discount on certain reagents and chemicals.
  • Cell Signaling Technologies: 5% discount on all orders.
  • Fisher Scientific: 5% discount on all orders.
  • SignaGen: 5% discount on all items in stock.
  • eBioscience now ordered through ThermoFisher.


Sera products available upon request.

Gibco carries an extensive inventory that covers basic tissue culture products (such as PBS, RPMI, DMEM) to specialized formulations (i.e. 10X PBS with Calcium and Magnesium salts, RPMI (custom), DMEM.High Glucose w/o phenol red) to meet all of your research needs.

HyClone manufactures classical media and new serum-free and protein-free media formulated for commonly used cell lines. They are also a global supplier of cell culture and bioprocessing systems for applications in research and production.

Invitrogen is a key partner in the global life science community. They provide products and services (Molecular Probes, Dynal, Zymed, Biosource, Caltag, and BioReliance) that support academic and governmental research institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Bio-Rad provides products for Life Science Research, Life Science Education, and Clinical Diagnostics. In addition to providing molecular biology reagents, they carry several instruments to benefit research in all life science areas.

Sigma Aldrich provides chemical and biochemical products and kits that are used in scientific research, including genomic and proteomic research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development.

SignaGen provides DNA/RNA transfection products for Life Science Research with logical prices.