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About the Cover: A soybean seedling cultivated at the Sears Plant Growth Facility on the University of Missouri campus. Read story.

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The Mizzou Mission

The University of Missouri, established in 1839, is the oldest public research institution west of the Mississippi River. MU’s mission in research and student education is to provide enhanced opportunities and challenges in the humanities, arts, sciences and selected professional fields. MU also aspires to achieve national and international prominence for its research and educational contributions. As such, we are committed to building on our research strengths in basic and applied biological and biomedical sciences, nuclear and related physical and engineering sciences, and selected social and behavioral sciences. We will continue to strengthen our leadership role in agriculture and journalism. And because of our large enrollment of undergraduates, MU will enhance the core disciplines required for all those seeking baccalaureate degrees, giving special attention to areas such as languages and mathematical sciences that provide the necessary foundation for a truly educated citizenry.