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USDA Grant to Boost Hispanic Integration Efforts

For community leaders in Missouri's smaller towns, steering an influx of recently arrived immigrants toward the economic and cultural mainstream has become a daunting task. But help is on the way, thanks to a group of MU researchers and a three-year, $416,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture.

The grant will allow faculty associated with MU's Cambio Center, a research and outreach organization working with Latino communities, to identify strategies for improving the integration of Missouri's growing Hispanic population. Cambio Center fellows Anne Dannerbeck, assistant professor of social work, and Corinne Valdivia, associate professor of agricultural economics, will use the grant to better understand social and workplace challenges faced by Latinos and their new neighbors in three Missouri cities: Milan, Sedalia and Branson. "What we are trying to do is look at positive change and integration," Dannerbeck says. "This is about understanding livelihood strategies and how people get by and get ahead in their new communities."

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