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IPS Remains Strong in FY 2006

FY 2006 IPS Expenditures by Sponsor Type
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Instruction and public service (IPS) activities, conducted in concert with scholarly and scientific research, comprise an integral part of the MU mission.

Instruction and public service expenditures at the University reached just over $52 million in FY 2006, a total representing a slight decline from last year's record total of $56.5 million. Newly awarded IPS funds totaled $49.9 million in FY 2006.

As in the previous fiscal year, the College of Education, the School of Medicine, and University Extension accounted for the largest shares of sponsored IPS activities. Among them, the three divisions expended more than $37 million, or about 71 percent of this fiscal year's sponsored IPS funding. Programs in agriculture and human environmental science combined for another 9 percent. The College of Veterinary Medicine, meanwhile, again posted an expenditure total of over $1 million -- the second year in a row the college has reached this milestone. In FY 2006 the federal government remained the largest single sponsor of the University's IPS activity, providing slightly more than 65 percent of total expenditures and 64 percent of newly awarded funds. State government also remains an important source of IPS funding. The percentage of support provided by the State of Missouri in FY 2006 rose to 21 percent from last year's 16 percent. For more detailed information, including data for departments within MU's schools and colleges, please visit our "web query tool" at the publications section of the Office of Research Web site.

IPS Expenditures by Division, Shared and Full Credit

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Because projects in most MU divisions have become increasingly interdisciplinary, the Office of Research has calculated both "shared" and "full" credit figures for IPS-support dollars awarded to MU's schools and colleges (please see the table on opposite page). Shared credit numbers represent each academic unit's portion of the total amount expended by MU researchers. Full credit numbers, on the other hand, seek to assign a dollar value to the "productivity" of faculty working across disciplines by allowing the full value of an award to be reported multiple times in multiple units. Taken together, these numbers help demonstrate the dollar value of collaboration and interdisciplinary efforts at MU.

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