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Frontiers' Grant to Support MU Bioengineering Pioneer

Gabor Forgacs.In October, the National Science Foundation awarded MU bioengineering pioneer Gabor Forgacs one of three prestigious Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research (FIBR) grants. Each of the 5-year, $5 million FIBR awards supports research employing interdisciplinary expertise and technologies to address major biological questions such as: How did life emerge? How do multicellular organisms assemble? How do biological systems use modularity?

Forgacs, a professor of biological physics at MU, heads a team that includes researchers from the firm VaxDesign/Sciperio, Inc., along with university-based scientists from the Medical University of South Carolina, New York Medical College and the University of Utah. His research team, which includes biological and computational physicists, molecular biologists and tissue engineers, is working to develop novel approaches for organ transplantation technology, including a revolutionary technique called "organ printing" that could one day help millions of patients in need of organ transplants.

Since its inception in 2003, the FIBR program has supported fifteen 5-year projects totaling over $75 million. NSF officials say all of its frontier research grants promote exploration of unanswered questions in the biological sciences by encouraging innovative, cross-disciplinary approaches which create a useful synergism among researchers who might not otherwise work in concert.

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