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Award to Jump-Start 'Radiation Protection' Program

Radiation protection technicians play an essential role in keeping radiation levels safe inside nuclear power plants. Studies suggest that up to 57 percent of these technical workers will retire within the next five years.

In order to train a new generation of radiation protection workers, MU recently received a $2.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. The award is part of nearly $27 million in investments made in support of the nation's energy workforce under the federal High Growth Job Training Initiative, a strategic plan to prepare workers for jobs in expanding industries.

MU and a group of private nuclear energy partners will use the training initiative funds to establish a Center of Excellence for Radiation Protection Technology Education and Training. The center will also participate in the development of an associate of applied science degree program in nuclear technology that will be disseminated to a network of community colleges throughout the United States.

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