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Developed for Dogs, New 'Tissue Scaffolds' Offer Home for Hobbled Humans

James Cook, an MU professor of veterinary medicine and surgery, is working with DePuy Orthopaedics, a Warsaw, Ind., based subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson company, to perfect the use of surgically implanted "tissue scaffolds" to regrow the meniscus in damaged knees. The technique, which was recently approved for human clinical trials, promises to both repair knees and minimize the osteoarthritis that often follows surgery. "Other studies have shown the amount of arthritis a person experiences is related to the amount of meniscus they have left in the knee," Cook says. "In our animal studies, we have been able to grow back 90 percent of the meniscus on average. With approval from the federal government, we will now be able to begin using this in humans in the first phase of clinical trials."

While the new process has been used in more than 300 dogs, about 20 human patients will receive the procedure in the trials, which will be completed by surgeons in Memphis and Indianapolis. Following a successful first phase, the trials will be opened nationwide for a second, larger trial before finally being available to the public. Cook expects that process to take about 3-6 years.

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