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MU Research: Working To Enhance Research and Scholarship for Missouri and the Nation

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MU Research: Working To Enhance Research and Scholarship for Missouri and the Nation

The Office of Research seeks to foster an academic environment in which MU's research, instruction, service, and economic development missions are enhanced through rigorous original research, creativity, and scholarship. The Office of Research also works to ensure that intellectual and creative achievements of MU faculty, students and staff are facilitated, celebrated and, when appropriate, transferred to the private sector.

MU and the Office of Research have a number of strengths in supporting research, scholarship and creative activity. Our culture of interdisciplinary work and trust has long been a strong point, with life sciences particularly well organized and the new Life Sciences Center providing a focal point for further development. The level of student involvement in research activities is high and growing, and Missouri's Congressional delegation is strongly supportive of research at MU.

The Research Division itself also offers a range of organizational and financial support: funding through PRIME and the Research Council; proposal assistance through a growing network of grant writers; compliance support through electronic tools and training opportunities; and various forms of protection and support for MU intellectual property as it is transferred to the marketplace.

That said, MU's administrative infrastructure for supporting research remains relatively immature for a research university of our size. We are working to develop an administrative infrastructure that is more service-oriented, and are making strides toward implementing an improved system for tracking the return on our internal investments in research.

Perhaps the largest obstacle to MU strategic goals for the growth of research is the extent to which the physical infrastructure for research is not keeping pace with the growth of the enterprise.

Our Goals
Research Division goals for the 2003-04 academic year involve building on our strengths while also addressing areas of need:

Goal 1: Provide top-notch services and compliance
functions that enhance the ability of MU faculty to conduct research, pursue scholarly investigations, and pioneer technical innovations.

Goal 2: Create a research-centered academic environment by developing connections between the research enterprise and all of the institution's other activities, including the development of a broader foundation for research support with internal and external stakeholders.

Goal 3: Financially sustain and grow the research enterprise in order to allow students better access to prominent faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities. Only by mentoring the next generation of researchers will MU be positioned to continue its role as a leader in using science and scholarship, to pursue new knowledge.

Our Assignments
The division's leadership meets twice each year to assess progress and adjust our course. Our Master Plan for Research and Technology Development is the result of these sessions. The plan contains divisional goals and objectives for each office within the Research Division. Highlights of this year's objectives include the following:

  • Opening the MU Life Sciences Center;
  • Implement a trial program for facilitating large, interdisciplinary proposals;
  • Develop a plan to ensure that MU has the animal care and greenhouse facilities necessary to support growth in life sciences research;
  • Account for returns on investments in PRIME, Research Council and Research Incentives funds;
  • Develop a model sponsored program administration by implementing more pro-active operations that anticipate researchers' needs;
  • Work with the Provost's office to build undergraduate research; and
  • Support a fund for the development of nascent University technology.

The complete Master Plan is available from the Office of Research (573-882-9500) or via the Internet at:

University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-2121

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